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Welcome to Critic and the Common Man, where a film critic and an opinionated moviegoer review the movies that we're all watching, or that you guys pick!

CATCM is a long-form conversation about all things film and TV. Except for when we digress to other topics, then it's about that. 

CATCM posts new reviews Every week wherever you watch or listen to your podcasts.


     I still remember the day that I decided I wanted to go back to school. It was at Disney World in Orlando, Florida where I was working at the time...and here I am all these years later, an ASU graduate and a podcast in the works. I became a photographer a few years back and have made a living working as a commercial photographer. I live and breathe for the adventure of life, I long to travel the world, and if I'm not visiting a new destination, you can catch me in the Disney parks. 

"The Critic"
"The Common Man"

    I have absolutely zero credentials that qualify me to host a film review podcast, which is exactly why It's so much fun. 

    I remember listening to Kidd Kraddick in the morning on the radio every day while on the way to school and thinking how amazing it would be get to sit around with your closest friends and just talk for a living. Radio has all but faded away, and hosting CATCM doesn't pay the bills, but when Chris and I started talking about creating a podcast, I was in.

    A scientist by education and nerd by heart, I haven't missed a good Sci-Fi movie in the theaters in years, and with every movie comes my unqualified and generally unasked-for review, which you can now find posted weekly on CATCM.

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