A collection of rantings and ravings by the critic himself, Christopher Alexander. Stay tuned for an ever-changing flow of blog posts and film analysis'


an analysis by Christopher Alexander


Whenever you take a film with core themes on the neo-nuclear family, or themes on subjects like brotherhood or fraternity or the losing of innocence, these subjects can easily muddy a film or make it seem too on the nose. Few directors can take these themes that subconsciously connect us to our own childhoods in the way that...



The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: The Ghost Cat

an analysis by Christopher Alexander


Beautiful things don't ask for attention. This is the one line of Ben Stiller's dive into the human psyche known as "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" that jumps out at me when I see it. There are so many parallels that can be drawn between...

Troop Zero

an analysis by Christopher Alexander


There are movies of all kinds. Some leave you in tears, some leave you speechless while some leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Troop Zero is a film that finds it's way into your heart with a little weapon named Christmas  Flint, a young girl looking to make friends while leaving an impact in history by entering a competition where...



The Lighthouse

an analysis by Christopher Alexander


There are thousands of films in this world, but very few leave you speechless and scratching your head. And even fewer yet do so with the intention of doing so. That brings us to the film "The Lighthouse," directed by Robert Eggers and his avant-garde piece about two men, stuck in a lighthouse, who are forced to get by with their own psyches slowly falling apart (in much the same way our own does while watching this) and in the end...


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